Flooding between Goring and Wallingford

14th February 2014

The Ridgeway generally takes a higher route away from the areas of potential flooding however the section between Goring and Wallingford follows the bank of the River Thames in many places and is probably underwater at the current time.  This situation will continue for the foreseeable future.  There are alternatives to consider:

Catch the 134 bus that runs hourly between Wallingford and Goring and the villages along the way.  If walking south to north you may want to consider leaving the bus at North Stoke to rejoin the Trail, see timetable.

Walk along the road (B4009) between Goring and Mongewell.  This road does have some short stretches of pavement, a 50mph speed limit outside of the villages and usable verges in many places.  However it is about 5 miles or 8 kilometres of road walking.

Walk along the road (B4009) from Goring to South Stoke and then the footpath to Littlestoke Manor and the minor roads and tracks to North Stoke.  This route may also have some stretches of flood water so please take care if you follow this route.

If you encounter flood water on your walk please take care.  Walking through flood water is dangerous on many counts; there are new currents in the water as it swirls across the Trail; the depth of the flood water can suddenly change due to the changes in the ground levels beneath the water; and, the edge of the main river channel is often not visible beneath the flood water.

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Flooded footbridge near Goring