Poppy fields on The Ridgeway

Fallen Trees Along the Trail

19th February 2014

We are receiving reports of trees that have fallen across the Trail as a result of the strong winds during the past few days.  As with the items about flooding on the Thames Path website, please take extra care when walking near such trees.  Please do not climb over or under fallen trees.  There is no certainty that it is safe to do so; the trees may move when you are on or under them; and, you may fall off as the trunks and branches can be slippery.

If you encounter any such trees, or other problems during your walk or ride, please do not assume that someone else has already told us about them.   You can either complete an online enquiry form or send us an email direct and further details can be found on the contact page

If you can send us a brief description of the problem with a location, ideally with a grid reference and a photograph, then you will not only be helping us but also other people who enjoy the Trail.

Many thanks.


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Fallen trees near Watlington