Poppy fields on The Ridgeway

Connecting up The Ridgeway

4th March 2016

Imagine you want to visit The Ridgeway for a day out….you would need to reach the Trail and then you might need to walk or ride to places to eat, to nearby visitor attractions or to a toilet! Overnight visitors would need to find their way to a place to stay too.

To help and encourage visitors to the Trail, The Ridgeway Partnership is starting a project to identify routes that link walkers, cyclists and horseriders using The Ridgeway to nearby car parks, local shops, train stations, visitor attractions, campsites, pubs and so on. Routes popularly used by local residents in nearby villages and towns to reach The Ridgeway are another priority.

The Ridgeway Partnership aims to identify these ‘strategic links’ with help from volunteers, local communities, landowners and the Highway Authorities. The first step is to attract volunteers to survey rights of way and roads picked out by desk research.

It is hoped that the first set of strategic links will be confirmed by The Ridgeway Partnership in Winter this year. These linking routes will then be signed and any necessary improvement work carried out to surfaces or structures, e.g. replacing stiles with gates. The Partnership hopes funding for the project will come from grant-giving bodies but also local communities and businesses benefitting from improved visitor access to and from The Ridgeway.

Please support this project! You can get the latest news by following my blog or @TheRidgeway1972 on Twitter. To volunteer or donate money/resources to the Ridgeway strategic links project, please email ridgeway@oxfordshire.gov.uk.

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Perch and Pike South Stoke on The Ridgeway National Trail
Ashdown House is a short walk from The Ridgeway. Credit Peter Orr 2010