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Flagged path on The Cheviot
The Pennine Way is the oldest and probably the toughest of the National Trails. It offers life-changing opportunities to explore the wild and ...
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Walking the border ridge
You can now walk the Pennine Way from the comfort of your armchair thanks to Google Street View!Northumberland National Park staff and volunteers ...
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Malham Cove is one of the locations accessible to all
There are many ways to explore the Pennine Way, from a 19 day challenge, a fortnight's holiday, a strenuous day walk or a gentle amble. Walking ...
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Join Paul Rose on the Pennine Way; BBC2 are going to be showing the Pennine Way series over 4 nights, 27th July to 30th July, at 7.30pm each night. ...
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The North Pennines Walking Festival, this year from 26th September to 4th October, was initiated by the Friends of the North Pennines in 2013 and ...
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50 Steps
A publicly funded group project with 3 dancers, a musician and a video artist, touring to 5 towns and villages along the Pennine WayThis mixed art-form ...
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Pennine Brewing Co
During 2015 in honour of the Pennine Way the Pennine Brewing Company are creating a range of handcrafted ales.The 18 barrel microbrewery based in ...
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PNFS sign
Volunteers from the Peak and Northern Footopath Society have recently installed a new signpost on the Pennine Way near the famous Aiggin Stone close ...
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OS map image
Walking the Pennine Way requires good map reading skills, and a lot of maps! However if you have a smartphone or tablet you can now use digital OS ...
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We walked the way in a day ! We're delighted to say you did it !The Pennine Way, Britain’s oldest and best known National Trail, was 50 ...
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