Work In Progress at Hebble Hole Bridge, Hebden Bridge

16th November 2018

The repair of this historic bridge is under way.  It will involve lifting and repairing the stone, repairing strengthening and improving the supporting stone structure and pinning it into place.

The stone will be dowelled with stainless steel and re-bonded together. Two full length stainless steel bars will be sunk into the underside of the stone and the slots repaired to hide the bars.

A mobile lifting frame has had to be manhandled into site to lift the stone from the bottom of the gully. Pretty impressive stuff I think you will agree!

Thanks to a neighbouring landowner who has allowed access and agreed to drainage work to be undertaken on his land above the bridge to collect and channel  water around the bridge structure and into the Colden Clough.

The temporary diversion will remain in place while work is in progress.

The work is costing around £25000 and we are very grateful for a donation of £5000 from the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society towards the cost of repair.

The remainder of the cost is shared by Calderdale Council and the Pennine National Trails Partnership..



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 Jan Gibson
 Jan Gibson