Wildlife on the Pennine Way

15th August 2016

Wildlife is abundant along the Pennine Way, whilst it may change from one season to another there is always something to be seen or heard. Your journey in spring and summer is likely to be accompanied by the bubbling call of the curlew, the 'pee-wit' of the lapwing, and the drumming of snipe. Whilst in late summer and early autumn the heather is in full glory, carpeting the hillsides in purple, and butterflies are flitting about in more sheltered and sunny areas. At any time of year you may hear the 'honking' of the raven, spot a feral goat or pony, or catch a glimpse of a dipper feeding in one of the many rivers you will pass.   

To read more about the wildlife along the Pennine Way you can read the account of David Carroll, a former Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve warden, who completed the Pennine Way in 2015. David's account 'My Wildlife on the Pennine Way' can be found in the blog section of this website. http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/pennine-way/blog

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Northern Marsh Orchid - David Carroll