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6th October 2015

The Pennine Way is the oldest and probably the toughest of the National Trails. It offers life-changing opportunities to explore the wild and rugged landscape of the Pennines. It is free to use but requires intensive annual maintenance by a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff who want to continue to improve the route so that everyone has an amazing experience. This includes improvements to the wet and boggy sections (you'll know the ones if you've walked the Way!) to protect the vulnerable peat bogs and reduce the chances of wet feet, replacing stiles with gates to improve accessibility, and maintaining the sometimes rustic yet essential signposting of the route. A number of refuge huts and shelters (e.g. on Cross Fell) are also in need of regular maintenance and repair work.

A new donation scheme has opened, allowing people to donate as much or as little as they like directly to the Pennine Way. It's really easy to make a donation, simply click the blue 'Donate' button on the right of the screen. All donations will be used to support the Pennine Way. 80% of any money donated will be used to fund maintenance and improvement works and 20% will go towards the cost of providing this website.

The trail team is very excited by this new opportunity "We know that many people find their experience of the Pennine Way to be inspiring, and often develop a strong affection for the trail, especially if they have walked end-to-end. We hope that many people will want to make a small donation to help us look after the trail so that they and others can return and enjoy it year after year." Heather Procter, Pennine National Trails Partnership Manager


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Flagged path on The Cheviot - Pennine National Trails Partnership
Flagging in Northumberland (1990s) - Northumberland National Park