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4th July 2016

You are very likely to spot wildlife whilst on the Pennine Way, so why not help conserve this special environment by reporting your sightings?

Since 2003 the Moors for the Future Partnership has been working to protect the most degraded moorland landscape in Europe. You can help them to monitor the changes in the moorlands in the South Pennines by recording your sightings of wildlife. The area of interest is the South Pennines and the Peak District, although sightings from further afield are also very welcome. Sightings can be submitted either via one of our postcards, via our website or via the free ‘MoorWILD’ app for iOS and Android devices.

There are a number of species that are of particular interest, including Curlew, Swallow, and Mountain Hare.

If you would like to get involved further there are opportunities for volunteers. Volunteer contributions can range from just a few minutes recording a wildlife sighting to becoming trained experts in moorland monitoring. All of our opportunities are focused on raising awareness of how vital it is to conserve the internationally important Blanket Bog habitat of the South Pennines Special Area of Conservation.   


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Ring Ouzel survey card - Moors for the Future
Curlew - Simon Phillpotts