Late April snow

28th April 2016

If you are planning to walk the Pennine Way this month, or are preparing for a trip next April please do be aware of the presence of snow on high ground. During the course of April there has been snow on all of the high ground, and some of the lower ground at times! Just yesterday, 28th, there was snow on Cross Fell and the Cheviots, with more forecast for many areas tonight. The snow depth can build up quickly and makes navigation and walking more difficult. We have had some lovely spells of warm weather in between the snow, so we can easily become complacent.

If you are walking the Pennine Way in April please be prepared for snow. Carry suitable equipment and be prepared to change your plans at short notice to avoid terrain that is beyond your ability to cross in snow.


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Cheviot spur in snow - Northumberland National Park Authority
Snowy Penyghent - Pennine National Trails Partnership