Have you thought about donating to the Pennine Way?

29th August 2017

The maintenance budget for the Pennine Way is ever decreasing, and as such we are really grateful for any donations that are made to support our work. To give you an idea of how your donations make a difference, please have a look at the picture alongside this article, or the pdf at the bottom of the page.

  • £15 will buy 1 tonne of path surfacing stone aggregate to reinforce paths in popular locations such as Malham and High Force
  • £50 will buy 1 tonne of pitching stone for those steep slippery slopes
  • £60 will pay for 1 helicopter lift to transport materials to hard to reach places
  • £100 will pay for 1 metre of stone flagging to be installed in a boggy area
  • £250 will cover the cost of buying and installing a new finger post
  • £400 will allow us to replace a stile with a gate to make access along the trail easier

You can make a donation here. Thank you!


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Donations infographic - Pennine National Trails Partnership