First for Ranger Ultras

27th March 2019

Ranger Ultras are the first event organiser to be accredited by the Pennine National Trails to use the National Trails logo. They have demonstrated over a number of years that their events are well run and organised and for each runner on a Ranger Ultras event they make a donation of £1 towards the maintenance of the Trail.

Well run events are always welcome as a good way to introduce people to the trails and the fantastic landscapes that they pass through, and can be great publicity for the Trail too.

However, events, particularly large ones, can put extra strain on these already popular routes and the communities through which they pass. Good planning, preparation and cooperation can benefit all involved. 

To help maintain the Trails, event organisers are encouraged to donate at least £1 per participant for one-day events using a National Trail. This can be matched against Natural England funding so a donation of £5 has the potential to ‘unlock’ a further £15 towards the cost of maintenance.

The combined length of the Pennine Way and Pennine Bridleway National Trails is 473 miles, and includes 220 bridges, 900 gates, and 1,100 sign posts. It costs around £750 per mile each year to maintain, just £250 will replace a signpost and £350 will provide a new gate.

Many miles of these trails cross upland environments that are inaccessible, sensitive to disturbance and dominated by challenging terrain such as peat bogs.   Maintenance of the trail is often about more than just walking conditions – it is also about restoring habitats and protecting the upland environment from the damage that recreation can cause if not well managed.

For example, the introduction of stone flags is often the only solution to restore a badly eroded path over peat, but this costs approximately £100 per metre to install.

So if you are organising an event using a National Trail please support us in maintaining them by following our guidelines and making a donation.  You too could join the Ranger Ultras in proudly supporting the National Trails and using the Acorn logo to demonstrate your responsible approach to event management.



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