Class of '73

21st December 2018

Back in November I received an e-mail via the National Trail website from Russell

Russell had completed the Pennine way from Edale to Kirk Yetholm in 1973.  He was 14 years old and completed the Trail in 2 weeks - walking every day. Organised by his school; one teacher led five pupils the length of the Pennines.  Russel wanted to know whether there was any record of his feat - I think he wanted to impress his grandchildren!

The Partnership has no such records but on the off chance I suggested that he contact the Border Hotel at Kirk Yetholm.

Russell got back to me a few days ago delighted that someone at the Border Hotel had responded to his e-mail, found their record books from 1973, and there was his entry; signature, date and home address.  One happy Pennine Wayfarer!

Although of course he would have been too young to partake of the ½ pint that Wainwright left behind the bar for those who complete the Trail.


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