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Pennine Way National Trail or Just the Pennine Way?

4th November 2014

As part of the planned celebrations for the Pennine Ways 50th anniversary next year a new start point at Edale is being constructed. Its intended to incorperate an updated version of the cast sign that once marked the place. The sign is due to have one change - the distances will be corrected to the official distances currently quoted, but looking at the draft sign this morning I wondered whether it should have 'National Trail' added beneath the Pennine Way?. As I work on the way as my job I tend to refer to it officially as the Pennine Way National Trail, but I'm left wondering whether the Way is famous enough to be just called The Pennine Way, and that on this updated sign it should remain as such.

Anyway, its your trail so let me know what you think? (dont worry about the empty boxes - they will have National Trail acorns in them).

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