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Lego Cows, UFO's and waiting for the bus

16th January 2015

Last weekend I took part in the Spine Challenge – 108 miles of the Pennine Way from Edale to Hawes with 60 hours. Along with its bigger sibling The Spine Race (268 miles) they are pitched as the most brutal races in Britain. The weather added to the mix by being ‘savage’. Having spent 24 hours feeling pretty good I started being sick – after which I couldn’t face eating anything solid. This, as well as slowing down my progress had some other interesting side effects! I have been over Fountain’s Fell numerous times, but previously I had never noticed all the small lego animals scattered on the path, and it was a bit of a jolt seeing the UFO landed ahead of me in the rocks as I neared the summit. I was also slightly bemused to see the folk waiting for the bus (complete with suitcases) as I decended Pen y Ghent – all hallucinations (I assume).

The last 50 miles were hard going and I was relieved to finish the event – ‘never again’.

Two days later I was dropping our son off at school (we normally walk but that wasn’t an option!) and I thought ‘how mundane’. To my horror I realised I was missing the Spine, the excitement, the fear, pain, cold and apprehension. I guess I live much of my life in the safe middleground, it’s fascinating to see how attractive living a bit nearer to our animalistic edge can be. I’m going to have to be careful when next year’s Spine entries open.

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