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Filming on the Pennine Way

13th May 2015

I love the Pennine Way, I looked after it for several years and will always have a deep affection for it, so when I was asked by ITV if I would be interested in walking part of it with ITV weather man Jon Mitchell I was delighted, even better I could take my dog Ralph.

The films were to be shown on the local Calendar News, and were to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Pennine Way and would feature some of the most interesting sections through the region, starting at Edale and ending at the Tan Hill Inn.

The first day of filming saw glorious sunshine, we had a fabulous day filming from Edale to the Kinder Plateau. For the second day we moved up to Malham, and had much more typical Pennine weather, there was snow on the ground, despite it being the end of March, although this quickly melted leaving us with heavy sleet and hail showers and gale force winds for the last shots at Malham Tarn. On the final day we moved up to Swaledale where once again we were lucky and had beautiful sunshine to admire the view down Yorkshire’s prettiest valley.

The whole 3 days were fascinating. I have great admiration for the cameraman Mike who walked with us carrying a drone camera in a backpack, and a huge TV camera in one hand, my small daypack was nothing in comparison. The drone was used to film the overhead shots – it is mounted on a small remote controlled until allowing it to fly to impressive heights. The shots of Malham Cove taken by the drone were a real challenge, the wind was so strong we were concerned it would just disappear, but Mike kept it under control and managed to get some amazing footage. The drone shots really make the films, they are especially good on Kinder Plateau.

Ralph also turned out to be made for TV, he was very patient with all the "can you just go back and walk that again" and wasn't spooked by the drone flying over him. The shots of him at Malham Tarn with the wind blowing his fur are fabulous! (especially if like me you have a soft spot for scruffy lurchers).

The resulting films are, to my mind, the best to come out of the all the media coverage of the 50th anniversary, I am biased of course, but the camera shots of the trail are really wonderful. They really do inspire you to walk it.

So for all of you who don't live in the ITV Calendar region and didn't get chance to see the films live here's a link. Each film is less than 5 minutes long, but they are really worth a watch. The 3rd film hasn't been shown yet, when it is we'll let you know.

ITV Calendar News Pennine Way films

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Filming in Swaledale
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