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Events on the National Trails

5th January 2018

There are 15 National Trails in England and Wales, providing the public with just over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) of high quality access across striking landscapes. As such, the Trails are chosen by event organisers as settings for a diverse range of organised events. We welcome events on the National Trails as they are a great way to introduce people to the trails and the fantastic landscapes that they pass through.

Successful events enrich people’s experiences of the Trails and contribute to the local economy. Careful management ensures negative impacts, such as increased erosion and disruption to local communities, are minimised. Events with a good reputation are welcomed back to the Trails each year. If you are able to demonstrate that your event has been well-run and well-received by participants and local people, and you are willing to make a donation towards trail maintenance, then we would be happy to endorse your future events on the trail. This will allow you to use our 'Proudly supporting National Trails' logo.

This guide sets out how event organisers can deliver successful and sustainable events on National Trails. It is not a comprehensive guide to planning an event but instead highlights aspects that are specific or significant to all National Trails. 

The Trail Officers for all 15 National Trails endorse this guidance as the basis for managing events on all National Trails. From this starting point, event organisers and Trail Officers can work together to shape great events.

Download the guidance document here 

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