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A double Pennine Way-er!

17th November 2016

Not content with completing the Pennine Way in 2015, Nicki Lygo returned in 2016 to do the double! She walked from Edale to Kirk Yetholm and back again all the time raising money for Duchenne UK.

Nicki's blog is inspiring to say the least! You can read it all here

but here is an excerpt to get you started:

"So, what can I say about this challenge in summary? I found the Pennine Way every bit as amazing and enthralling as I did last year. It’s a journey that tests the mind and body equally. It rewards hugely for efforts made with beautiful views, with the human kindness that surrounds its every mile, and with the belief that you really can do something you didn’t think possible. And without question it improves fitness. It simply isn’t possible to walk this trail and not become stronger and healthier. In the same vein, it strengthens the mind. So many days walking, particularly if the majority of them are alone, mean you need to be broadly comfortable with your own company. If you aren’t when you set off, then you surely will be by the time you return.

As I have said before, making your way from Edale to Kirk Yetholm, vice versa or both, isn’t just a walk. It can be a game changer if you want it to be. It can put life back into perspective, allow you to reset your stresses and it could change your future. It isn’t an easy challenge and to make it to the end is an achievement that will fill you with a sense of pride (and perhaps relief). From that point onwards, the only real challenge is what to do next… because I’m not certain that anything can deliver quite like this trail does for me. So, if you are considering it, go on… Give it a bash! Do it for charity. Do it for pleasure. Do it for a real challenge. If I can do it, honestly, almost anyone can."

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