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A Bit of a Dinosaur and taking off hats!

2nd December 2014

Some days I feel like a Dinosaur. I've spent much of my last 25 years working to manage trails - which when reduced to is simplest is to stop them eroding their surroundings and being muddy for users. I've enjoyed dabbling with whatever the latest government policy required , inclusiveness, engagement, health etc, and I have learnt a lot on the way, although at times I have felt like the outcomes have been tokens - not really resulting in change. I guess that's why deep down Im at my happiest dealing with issues on the ground on the Way - a stone flagged path over an eroding peat bog has genuine visible benefits for years ahead.

Last week I had a meeting with a group of walkers from my local area, part of a walkers action group. They were a breath of fresh air. When the Pennine Way was developed there was no obvious reason for it to go through Hedben Bridge (very run down) or Heptonsall (a candidate for demolition!), so the way passed by 2 miles away. 50 years on there are very obvious reasons for walkers to want to go to both places (if you have never visited you really should), and the walkers action group are intent on creating a waymarked loop so Pennine Way walkers can do exactly that. Great news for the walkers on the Way and great news for business's in the villages. I take my hat off to them!

This morning I met another volunteer - the Sign Officer for the Peak and Northern Footpath Society - an organisation which was established in 1890. They plan to install one of their wonderfully evocative signs to direct walkers at the path junction at the Aiggen Stone on Blackstone Edge. I own several hats - I take my hat off to them also!

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