Framing the Landscape with Yorkshire Artist Ashley Jackson on Marsden Moor NT Pennine Way

Wessenden Head Road, Meltham, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire - Marsden Moor NT

Telephone: 01484 686460

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Watercolour artist Ashley Jackson is aiming to capture a changing landscape without his trademark brushes and paint with his new project ‘Framing the landscape’ in partnership with the National Trust and Walker Morris creating a permanent ever changing outside art exhibition.


The concept is simple but effective by constructing a permanent free standing over sized metal picture frame with the University of Huddersfield which was then installed at Wessenden Head, Marsden Moor, Holmfirth Yorkshire. The ‘landscape of Yorkshire is firmly placed in the frame’ allowing visitors to gain a greater understanding of the surrounding landscape, an artist’s view point and hopefully engage with schools and young children to become a significant reference in protecting the Yorkshire heritage for future generations

Referring to Jackson’s  quote “ Many people look but only a few see” he aims to re engage not only local communities but visitors to the County to ‘see’ how great the landscape is and value its worth as an art gallery that is free for us all to enjoy.

Wessenden Head is the first location of a number of frames to be installed throughout Yorkshire including Hardcastle Crags and Brimham Rocks which highlight the  unique and dynamic panoramas available to us all. Constructed from steel the majestic frame will weather with the elements and become part of its natural surroundings.


Framing the Landscape first frame on Marsden Moor NT, Pennine Way   - Claudia Berettoni
The frame at Marsden Moor NT Pennine way Autumn  - Claudia Berettoni
Yorkshire Artist Ashley Jackson launching the Frame at Marsden Moor NT, Pennine  - Claudia Berettoni
The frame at Marsden Moor NT, Pennine Way - Winter - Claudia Berettoni
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