New Signs for Mary Towneley Loop

2nd May 2019

Over 30 new fingerposts have been installed on the Mary Towneley Loop.  The 47 mile long loop was the first section of the Pennine Bridleway to be opened in 2002 and many of the signs were in need of replacement. It should be easier to find your way now. 

In general terms signposts or waymark posts are used when there is a change of direction or the potential for confusion. Confirmatory waymarks are often used on gates. There is a higher level of signposting than for the Pennine Way for example on the understanding that it is not as convenient for cyclists or horseriders to be referring to maps or guidebooks. Just look out for the Acorn the symbol of the National Trails   We would not recommend setting off without a map though!

The old fingers will be made available to buy on the website for anyone who wants a souvenir of their journey


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 Bill Brady