New fish pass on the River Calder

21st August 2019

Anyone travelling along the Pennine Way or Pennine Bridleway at Eastwood, Hebden Bridge will see Yorkshire Water has started work to build a brand new fish pass on the River Calder.

Many of Yorkshire's rivers feature man-made obstacles such a pipes and weirs making it difficult for fish to journey to and from their breeding grounds.

By building a new, sloping face on the weir and installing a series of baffles, a gradient and flow will be created suitable for fish migration, so that brown trout will be able to pass up and down the weir.

The work which is in partnership with the Environment Agency, began in August and is due to be completed by November 2019.

Ben Gillespie, Lead Advisor of Hydroecology at Yorkshire Water said: “The fish pass we plan to build on the River Calder will make a real difference to the local environment, it will be vital in helping the brown trout swim freely along the river once again.”

“We’re pledging to build more fish passes across the whole of Yorkshire so that we can help shape the local environment for good.”

For more information on this project please visit Yorkshire Waters website

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Eastwood Weir - Yorkshire Water
Jordan's Bridge fish pass - Yorkshire Water