Missing Links in the Trail

27th December 2013

Whilst the Pennine Bridleway was officially opened in June 2012 there are still a couple of places where the linear route has not been completed.  The most southerly is a gap of approximately 5 miles in Derbyshire between Monks Road north of Hayfield and Wooley Bridge Road to the west of Hadfield.  It has been possible to temporarily mark an interim route for cyclists and a different interim route for walkers - these have been shown on the map.  The lack of existing public bridleway and quiet roads in the area means that it has not been possible to find an interim route that can be recommended for horse riders.  Riders are recommended to stop at Hayfield or the layby off Monks Road and box round to the Torside car park on the Trans Pennine Trail.  This Trail can then be followed southwards to link with the PBW to the south of the A628.  Negotiations and works are on-going to continue with the development of a single route for all users of the Pennine Bridleway.   

The second gap is a short one where the route approaches and leaves the A65 in the village of Long Preston at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales.  The aim is to secure a light controlled crossing of the busy road for all users.  There is currently a crossing present in the centre of the village accessible to those on foot which can be reached by existing footpaths and roads.  Horse riders please note that crossing the A65 at present will require using a stretch of the road.  Although it is not a wide road, it carries holiday traffic and a large number of HGV's so if used is best tackled early morning or evening.  Negotiations are in progress to provide a suitable route to and across the road for all users.

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