Horses and riders on the Pennine Bridleway

155 miles in 12 days on horseback

13th October 2015

If you are planning a journey along the Pennine Bridleway on horseback read on...

I was recently made aware of a fabulous group of 3 ladies, who had completed their adventure on the Pennine Bridleway. Setting off on the 7th September 2015 they travelled 155 miles over 12 days on horseback from Stonetrails in Cumbria to Rushop in Derbyshire. The account of their journey has been documented in the form of a blog, including details of each day's ride and accommodation. The blog can be found here Spare knickers were high on their agenda!

It would be great to hear about other peoples' experiences on the Pennine Bridleway, so please do send them through!

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