A coastal view from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

National Trail Officer's Survey 8: Angle Bay

27th June 2014

Monday 2nd June
Today I walked Rhoscrowther to Angle Village as a there-and-back walk but it could easily be added to survey walks 4 and 5 using the Coastal Cruiser from Pembroke to Angle.  This would extend the walk to total around 10 miles or 16km.
Photo: Field edge path and Pembroke Refinery 

I parked in the layby at the end of the public road that we refer to as Rhoscrowther Layby SM89770205 (don’t leave valuables in the car!) Alternatively you could park around SM86680293 but not on spring tides.  The route mostly follows a field edge path crossing around half a dozen fields many of which have two gates at each boundary.  The low cliffs are quite soft and there is a fair recession rate which tends to keep the hedge low or non-existent so offers wide views across Angle Bay.     Photo: Angle Bay

Angle Bay is important for over wintering wild fowl and is a sea bird feeding ground. The rich muddy sand hosts a myriad of wild life including shellfish, mainly cockles, which some people collect by the bagful.  It is a calm and peaceful walk that I quite often do as one way in the fields and back on the beach partly so that I can keep a check on the erosion rate of the cliffs but also it gives variety to the walk.  The beach is a rock and pebble beach (above the mud line), not the easiest of walking, stout footwear with ankle support is recommended. 

Photo: Rocky shore

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Field edge path and Pembroke Refinery
Rocky shore