A coastal view from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Google Trekker on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

25th May 2016

If you've been on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path this spring you might have noticed someone carrying a very unusual looking backpack. It's the Google Trekker kit - an amazing camera very similar to the ones used in google streetview cars, and we're using it to capture 360 degree imagery of the entire Trail.

It's not an easy job - the trekker weighs 25Kg, and serioulsy affects your balance, but we think it's worth the pain so that everyone around the world will be able to see how truly astonishing this Trail really is. This is part of a bigger project to capture all of the National Trails; the North Downs Way has already been completed and you can see what it looks like here. The Cleveland Way has also been completed and is being processed by Google, and we're out on the South Downs Way at the moment. We hope than in the next couple of years you'll be able to explore all of the National Trails from the comfort of your home. You might not think that's such a good thing, but we know that when people can see what the Trails are like it will make more people get their boots on and go and enjoy them, the images really do inspire you. We can't wait for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to be live.

So if you see us out there over the next few weeks don't forget to give us a smile.



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