Burgh Castle Circular Walk

Route type: Circular and Linear Walks

Explore Burgh Castle on this easy 1 mile walk. Built in the late 3rd Century AD, Burgh Castle is one of the best preserved Roman sites in the country and the thick walls of the fort are still an impressive sight. Originally, the fort would have guarded an area that the Romans referred to as the ‘Saxon Shore’. Though the Roman Empire crumbled, the walls remained to house Saxons and later, Norman lords who redeveloped the fort into a motte and bailey castle.

Whilst the site is rich with history, it is also a beautiful place to wander, with panoramic views across Breydon Water to the mills and marshes beyond. The nutrient-rich mudflats of Breydon Water are teeming with life, which draws in a wide variety of wading birds to exploit the rich source of food. The surrounding grazing marshes also support a wide range of wildlife, including vast flocks of wildfowl such as pink footed geese and widgeon in the winter months.

This short walk is perfect for an afternoon out and offers good access for all. The stunning area can easily be explored further, with Angles Way passing Burgh Castle on its way out of Great Yarmouth, alongside Breydon Water and the River Waveney towards Somerleyton.

Burgh Castle