Planning and running an event on Norfolk Trails

27th April 2016

The Norfolk Trails network (which includes the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path National Trails) provides the public with an opportunity to experience the natural beauty, tranquillity, cultural heritage and wildlife of the county. With over 1,200 miles of trail, and over 200 circular walks, allowing access for a range of activities including walking, running, horse riding and cycling, the trails are an ideal way to explore the great outdoors in Norfolk.

Events are an important way for people to discover and enjoy the Norfolk countryside and they are becoming increasingly popular on the Norfolk Trails network.  Events (especially large ones) can put extra strain on the trail network, especial those held on already popular routes. It is important that the special qualities of the trails network and the protected and landscapes that the routes run through are not damaged or eroded by extra pressure that events can cause.

Norfolk Trails have therefore produced a guidance document ‘Planning and running an event on Norfolk Trails’ to assist with event planning.

The document provides important information and points of reference for any event organiser to refer to ensure their events can run as smoothly as possible if they take place on any part of the Norfolk Trails network.

This has also been circulated to each of Norfolk’s District Safety Advisory Groups with the advice that if any event is to take place on a Norfolk Trail then this document needs be given to the event organiser to review.

The document can be downloaded below.


planning_an_event_on_norfolk_trails.pdf875.9 KB

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