Walking Hub, Kington

3rd May 2018

 Check out this great new walking shop and B&B in Kington owned and run by Ali 

Forgotten your head torch?  Socks got holes in them?  Didn’t plan for so much rain?  No worries! Conveniently located about half way along Offa's Dyke Trail in Kington, is The Walking Hub, where you can stock up on those items you either forgot to bring or now realise you need! The Hub is a little specialist shop for walkers.  A traditional bricks and mortar experience, where you receive friendly, knowledgeable advice and well researched gear.  Call ahead if you need something specific and if not in stock, we may be able to order it in.  Need somewhere to stay or fed up of camping? We also have accommodation for walkers located above the shop!  

Check out our website and Facebook page but better still, come on in and visit us as you pass through Kington.  Happy Walking!! 

    telephone: 07756 172160

    website -  https://kingtonwalkinghub.com/

    email -   http://thewalkinghub@gmail.com

   The Walking Hub, 26 High Street, Kington, HR5 3AX


                 The Story Behind The Walking Hub

It seems to be a familiar theme in Kington, of people randomly arriving here and then never leaving.  There is something special about this little border town that draws you in and makes you feel like you’ve finally come home to where you have always wanted to be.   I claim to be one such person. My story takes me from my birth in Hull, to growing up in London, living my adult life in the Rocky Mountains of the USA, finding my way back via the Queen Mary to Southampton and then arriving in Kington.  I could have reinvented my life anywhere but have chosen Kington, or like to think that Kington has chosen me!  So I bought a shop (formally Granddad’s Shed) and on 15th September opened The Walking Hub.

Overwhelming support for The Hub has shown me that I’m not the only one to think that the “Centre for Walking” (referring to the Welcome to Kington signs on entry into town) should have a shop for walkers.  Blend that with my love of walking and the local landscape and you have a match made in heaven and hopefully a recipe for success. Just a tiny shop, but perfectly positioned in the centre of town to hopefully welcome walkers, be a knowledgeable resource and provide both locals and visitors with carefully selected outdoor gear.  The Hub’s aim is promote year round walking for all ages, to encourage Kington’s growing identity as a walking town and support its amazing annual Walking Festival – soon to be biannual, with the addition of a Spring Walking Weekend.  Further wanting to share my life with walkers I’ve also opened up a B&B above The Walking Hub providing accommodation specifically for walkers.

If you haven’t already (or even if you already have) please stop in and visit The Walking Hub at 26 High Street Kington; peruse the maps and guidebooks, purchase a pair of lifetime guarantee walking socks, a funky walking stick, technical Nordic poles, or simply just say hi.  Muddy boots, dogs, suggestions and comments are welcome.

“Thank you Kington for giving The Walking Hub such a warm welcome”

Ali Allen

Owner of The Walking Hub


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