Walking Festivals on Offa

22nd March 2016

 There are many great walking festivals taking place this year along the Offa's Dyke Path, with a wide range of walks and activities for everybody and all abilities. 

Many of the walking festivals take in variuos sections of the Offa's Dyke Path and I will be at number of the events leading walks on the Trail.

Here's a list of the events with dates and website links:

Chepstow Walking Festival - 6th to 10th April -  http://www.walksinchepstow.co.uk/2016-walking-festival.html

Llangollen Walking Festival - 30th April and 1st / 2nd May -  http://www.llangollenwalkingfestival.co.uk/

Bishops Castle Walking Festival - 7th to 15th May -  http://walkingfestival.co.uk/

Prestatyn Walking Festival - 20th to 22nd May -  http://www.prestatynwalkingfestival.co.uk/index.php

Herefordshire Walking Festival - 18th to 26th June -  http://www.walkingfestival.com/

Kington Walking Festival - 15th to 18th September  -  http://www.kingtonwalks.org/

MonDean Walking Festival - 1st to 9th October -  http://www.walkinginmonmouthshire.org/

Enjoy your walks and the fabulous countryside that all these variuos walking festivals have to Offa.

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