Out with Old in with the New

14th October 2014

  Old Dolley Bridge on the Offa's Dyke Path near Dolley Green in Powys,  is being replaced after 70 years of service to walkers over the River Lugg.  The old  steel and concrete decked bridge replaced an old double arched stone bridge that was on a private drive on the Norton Manor Estate. The stone bridge was washed away during one night in the 1940s.

The bridge spans a partically idylic section of the River Lugg, with huge meanders and deep pools. If you have time to sit a while you might be rewarded with glimpses of  dippers, pied wagtail, kingfisher and if extremly lucky and there at the right time of day otters, which are definetley active along the river.

There is a diversion in place at the moment which is fully signed , which could add up to 30 minutes to your walk along this section. Hopefully works will be completed this week, and the New Dolley Bridge will be open and ready for another 70 years or more for walkers to cross the River Lugg.

I will keep you posted here and on twitter, @offasdykepath when the bridge is usable and the diversion lifted.

Thanking you for your co-operartion while this work is going on.

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