Geertje & Jamie

Entered the Hall of Fame:29th August 2017
Trail Completed:4th August 2017

For the first time I walked a trail like this with my dog Jamie, a 2 yr. old Australian Shepherd. We had to go by car to Chepstow to take Jamie to the UK - the first challenge of our trip, because we came all the way from Salzburg, Austria. I thought, we were well prepared for the Welsh Borderland with the Alps in our Backyard back home. But the Borderland with all the ups and downs was quite challenging.

The weather was perfect: 18 degrees - maybe less rain would have been better. But anyway: our walk and stays were well prepared by "Celtic Trails" based on the daily walking distance of the route in the book by Ernie and Kathy Kay. 

Offa´s Dyke Path is a perfect trail for dog owners and their companion. I started with Jamie after 2 days of taveling to Chepstow on the 24 th of July and arrived in Prestatyn on the 4th of August with 2 days of resting. It was a good idea to start on a Monday because the majority usualy starts on Friday/Saturday. And it was a very good idea to have celtic trails as a emergency backup 24/7 and to take care of the luggage inluding the dog food. 

Thanks to all our very friendly welsh hosts for this wonderful experience. We learned a lot about welsh history, culture and life in that fascinating country. Geertje and Jamie.

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