Massive Cuts on National Trails- Why this is Good News

31st May 2017

Contrary to the majority of headlines regarding public sector cuts we have some good news for you. As part of our ongoing management of the trail we send out contractors each year to cut back the vegetation. This ensures walkers enjoy a nettle free, sting free, stuff in my hair free walk along the trail. Funding as it is we can only afford to send these teams out once (maybe twice for the very worst sections) a year. Unfortunately Mother Nature has coincided her rapid growing season with high walking season which presents us with a problem. Each year it’s a battle with the climate to time the cutting to maximise impact. Too soon and the stuff is up by your ears again by mid-July. Too late and the stuff is already up by your ears and takes forever to clear, cue a steady stream of (justified) complaints.

The combination of warm weather with intermittent heavy rain has provided perfect growing conditions earlier in the season than we would have anticipated. As a result the contractors have been let off the leash and as of today (31st May) will be out on the trail cutting. They aim to complete nearly 130km of cutting in the next 3-4 weeks for which we are very grateful.

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Soft Vegetation Cut North Downs Way National Trail
Soft Vegetation Cut North Downs Way National Trail