Fundraiser 7th October Canterbury to Dover - Kent on the Via Francigena

29th August 2017

The UK has over 140,000 miles of footpaths, offering incredible opportunities to explore our wonderful countryside.  In Canterbury, at the gates of the Cathedral, begins the historic Via Francigena (the French Way), originally a Roman route which connected the British Isles to Rome.  The UK section follows the better known North Downs Way, from Canterbury through the picturesque villages of Patrixbourne and Womenswold, through Shepherdswell and finishing at the port of Dover.  Just an hour and a half by ferry, the route continues into Calais and beyond through Northern France, the Champagne region, Switzerland and then Italy  (to read more about the Via Francigena click on ‘blog’ where you can read about  Julia Peters’ journey on the route over 79 days).


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