Events- Good Practice, Poor Practice

17th July 2017

The North Downs Way hosts a growing number of events and challenges each year. As a National Trail organisers recognise the reliability of holding events on a well signed and maintained trail. For the vast majority we are pleased the trail is being used to raise money, promote healthy activity and get people out into the countryside. Many of our events organisers run excellent events and tidy up after themselves, come back next day and you’d never know 500 people had run through the previous day. They even donate £1pp to the trail to help us manage the trails so they can continue to run their very popular and well run events.

Unfortunately there are a few events that operate outside of the system who don’t talk to us, don’t run their events in a responsible manner and don’t contribute at all to the upkeep. We would urge anyone running events on the trail to contact us to help plan their event and to follow some basic principles to ensure they run successful events whilst having as little impact on other users.

This weekend these blue painted arrows appeared on our fingerposts and trees. In February in the same area a series of yellow arrows appeared to waymark a running event. Despite whatever claims will be made about the rain washing them off this will take years to happen, so we are stuck with yellow and blue graffiti on the trail and in the countryside. We would urge event organisers revert to using other means to sign their routes, this includes collecting signs post event as good practice.


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