Endurance Life Dover CTS Event Cancelled

13th January 2017

We have received notification that this event has been voluntarily cancelled by Endurance Life due to safety concerns. This is the link they sent to their participants. https://goo.gl/5OTfYD

The route was to use long sections of North Downs Way and England Coast Path National Trails. Having sat on the safety advisory group for this event there were numerous issues with event. The weather forecast over this week has played a deciding factor but has by no means been the only issue. We are disappointed with some of the comments which seem to encourage people to run the route regardless. The route runs close to cliff edges on narrow paths on what is likely to be a very slippery surface. Running this route is not advised. We are expecting flood tides at times when runners would be crossing the beaches at the base of the cliff, the Coastguard in particular have warned against this.

We would urge people to stay away and not attempt to run the route. We are working with local agencies to remove the signage in an attempt to discourage people putting themselves at unnecessary risk. 

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