A picturesque countryside view on the North Downs Way

Matthew De Lange Trail Diary part 4- Wrotham to Medway (M20 to M2!)

21st February 2017

Saunders in his guide book explains how after the middle Ages the local farming practice turned from sheep to arable which meant that the higher reaches of the Downs' scarp were left untouched and soon became overgrown and wooded. That's been noticeable for much of the walk but rarely more so than today which was  lovely walking but almost uniformly through woods - beech, hazel, sweet chestnut, oak, but always woods. Some great "green tunnels" and I certainly made good time on the well maintained, soft forest tracks. Emerged near Cuxton at the splendidly named Upper Bush, an exquisite hamlet just 54 miles from Dover (I'm over 60% of the way there! We'll worry about the Canterbury loop later!).

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