Can the tide affect the Trail?

The Solway coast between Dykesfield and Drumburgh, also between Port Carlisle and Bowness-on-Solway, is at sea level. These areas can be affected by tidal flooding. You must be aware of when this is likely to occur and allow sufficient time for a safe walk. Information is provided for your benefit in two ways.

1. Notice boards

Provided for your safety by the National Trail project, located beside the cattle grid at Dykesfield and at the eastern entrance to Bowness-on-Solway village. The boards show the current month’s tidal predictions for the port of Silloth but see advice below because it is necessary to convert the predictions to the Solway section of Trail.

2. On-line

Follow this link to tide times for Silloth on the BBC website or download pdfs below:

Silloth is the nearest port to the Solway coast section of Trail. You are interested in high tides with heights of 9 metres and above which may cause the affected parts of the Trail to flood.

However, because the prediction is for the nearest port of Silloth you will need to do a conversion for the Trail as follows:

  • During Greenwich Mean time (also known as winter time) add on one hour.
  • During British Summer Time add on two hours.

You will now have a time for high tide adjusted for the Trail. Finally, allow for an hour either side of high tide when the sections affected should be avoided.

Do bear in mind that these are tidal predictions and that many conditions, for example wind speed and atmospheric pressure, can influence the likelihood of the Solway marshes flooding.  

The UK Hydrographic Office provides a free seven day tidal prediction service which you can access at