Temporary closure 7th February for two weeks (Monday to Friday) between Linstock M6 bridge and entrance to Rickerby Park Carlisle

7th February 2017

 Commencing Tuesday 7th February 2017 for approximately two weeks a section of Trail will be temporarily closed - Monday to Friday only - between the M6 bridge in Linstock (NY 423 579)  and the entrance to Rickerby Park, Carlisle (NY 411 570) as highlighted with the green/blue line on the map.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Between these two points, a distance of approximately 1.1 mile (1.75km), commencing at the M6 bridge adjacent to Linstock village the official Trail route follows the road in a westerly direction before joining the off-road multi-use cycleway, next to The Beeches house, which then takes both walkers and cyclists as far as the entrance to Rickerby Park.  

The road needs to be closed for essential engineering works. The works are the beginning of an Infrastructure Recovery Programme being implemented county-wide due to the damage sustained by the floods caused by Storm Desmond. The programme will involve a substantial amount of resurfacing and other drainage and civil engineering works over the next 3 years. 

Local people living in Rickerby will still be able to use the cycleway between Rickerby Park and The Beeches house but this link will not help Trail walkers. The works will effectively close the Trail - Monday to Friday only - between the eastern entrance to Rickerby Park and Linstock. Trail walkers are advised to seek local advice on how to navigate between Linstock and Rickerby Park. 

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