Reminder - most of Trail is for walkers only

12th April 2016

For very good conservation reasons the Trail within the boundary of the Scheduled Monument and World Heritage was designated as a footpath only. I am pleased to say that generally that aim has been respected, however, we occasionally receive reports of cyclists and photos of cycle tracks in the ground. The April fixed-point photographic monitoring, just in yesterday, has captured evidence of a cycle track to the west of Limestone Corner in Northumberland National Park so hence this timely reminder, before the season kicks off proper, that cycling and the conservation of archaeological earthworks, do not mix. 

It is reassuring to know that the photographic monitoring is doing its job but I would rather that it pick up and track the known problems on the Trail instead of evidence of cycle activity which is totally avoidable.   

Please be aware of where you may cycle, which in the case of Hadrian's Wall Path is basically restricted to the urban section of Trail in Newcastle (Hadrian's Way) and Bitts park in Carlisle.


Dave McGlade

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