Rat Race 69 miler leaves nothing but sore feet

22nd June 2015

The annual 69 mile ultra running race between Carlisle Castle and Gateshead's Baltic Quay took place over the summer solstice weekend. It proved that it is possible for large events to take place within sensitive landscapes, and without causing environmental damage, even those as internationally important as Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site.  Compromises and trade-offs are inevitable when the landscape concerned is sensitive archaeology but Rat Race Events, according to NTO Dave McGlade, was prepared to take fully into account all of his concerns.  Dave said: ' I do hope that the runners enjoyed their Hadrian's Wall experience but they can rest assured that they have caused very little disturbance to it.  Simply following the line the line of the Trail would have resulted in numerous erosion issues but to their enormous credit Rat Race have designed a route that both captures the essence of Hadrian's Wall without compromising its integrity.  Rat Race are the most responsible event firm that I have ever worked with.' 

In the top image the front runners are on a race line that is close to but not on the actual Trail.  Bottom image: 26 miles down, only another 43 to go!



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Front runners on a race line that is close to but not on the actual Trail - Dave McGlade
About 26 miles down, only another 43 to go!  - Dave McGlade