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10th October 2015

We are very grateful to those walkers who choose to make donations towards the maintenance of Hadrian's Wall Path and its associated archaeology.  The National Trail is not funded to the extent that it was only two years ago which means that we cannot achieve everything that we would like to do.  Our aim is to deliver the long term conservation maintenance that the World Heritage Site needs, also to ensure that this website, which is no longer tax payer funded, continues to give you accurate and up to date information. 

With additional help from you we will be able to plan ahead to deliver not only more of the routine but crucially important stitch-in-time maintenance in the field, but also some of the larger projects that are necessary but which we do not have the resource to research, plan and implement.  We have the skills and knowledge to manage the Trail but in order to do so we require funds to help pay for materials, advice and staff time. 

The new donate button on the top right hand side of this website makes it easier to make a donation.  80% of every donation will go towards the upkeep of Hadrian's Wall Path with 20% going towards the cost of paying for this website. 

I have used a Victorian photograph (Copyright and thanks to Grassington Folk Museum) to reflect on what we are trying to achieve.  The same view today has changed remarkably very little at all; I hope that in another 125 years our successors will be able to say the same and that our efforts today will have contributed towards the conservation and well being of this wonderful monument and landscape.

Thank you,

Dave McGlade



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