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Please support the firms that support the Trail

7th August 2015

I have been busy these past few weeks talking to businesses, exploring ways that they might be able to help support the Trail.  The driver, ultimately, has to be to the Trail's financial benefit and in due course I will list in this blog all of the corporate supporters who have responded to the call. Our goal is the long-term conservation management of the Trail and its associated archaeology and I need our walkers to engage with this process by supporting the firms who support us.  If you run a business along the Trail and would like to help in some way then please get in touch with me. 

In the meantime I would just like to mention the two publishers, Stirling Surveys and Rucksack Readers, who already support the Trail with their voluntary donations. I am also delighted to announce that self-guided walking itinerary experts, Macs Adventure, have signed up to the Trail Passport for 2016. 

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