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Old signpost 'fingers' point way ahead for Trail

5th August 2015

When we decided to sell our old signpost 'fingers' to raise some much needed funds to help pay for their replacement we had no idea that the idea would be as popular as it has been.  Around twenty old timber fingers have so far been snapped up by our walkers keen to take home a piece of Trail heritage and later this year when we have completed our autumn survey I expect that we will have some more to sell.

The story, however, also says a lot about the bond that exists between our walkers and the Trail.  There is something special about Hadrian's Wall Path and I am also very grateful, for example, for the way that so many of you support the Trail's 'Passport' scheme.  Besides being a great deal of fun for everyone, as well as a popular talking point, it also provides a modest but very important source of funds that enable us to stretch our budget just that little bit further. 

Getting back to our signposts the photo shows Graeme Noble last week collecting his finger from me at Northumberland National Park's head office in Hexham.  Graeme was the very first person to order one and he arranged specially to collect it in person while on his way home after his latest visit to the Trail.  Thanks Graeme. 

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