The atmospheric views on the Hadrian's Wall Path

Monitoring the Trail & World Heritage Site

20th August 2015

Hadrian's Wall Path has the most complete set of monitoring data for any World Heritage Site, anywhere in the World; it has been cited as being of international importance.  We started collecting fixed-point photographic data in 1996 and gradually rolled out new sites as the Trail was developed. Today some 70+ sites along the Trail and World Heritage Site are monitored three times year.  Every autumn we also undertake a full condition survey of the Trail but the fixed-point photography is important because it enables us to track and understand long term trends in the condition of the Trail and, crucially, also the monument that lies underfoot.  For an example of how the landscape changes from season to season and over a period of several years click here.

I am always willing to explain the methodology and give talks to students and other interested groups.

Dave McGlade


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