Housesteads Roman Fort

Haydon Bridge, Northumberland NE47 6NN

Telephone: (01434) 344363

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High on a dramatic ridge, Housesteads is the best preserved of all the Roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall. See excavated remains of all the different types of buildings within a typical fort on view – barracks, headquarters block, commander’s house, granaries, hospital, toilets and a complete circuit of walls. Surrounding the Fort itself is a fascinating Roman military landscape including the civilian settlement, the temple area, parade ground, cultivated fields and Roman roads.

Hadrian’s Wall itself runs across the north side of the Fort from where there are dramatic views across the Northumberland landscape into ‘barbaricum’ – where the barbarians lived! It is easy here to feel you are truly on the edge of one of the greatest Empires the world has seen, with the might of Rome in evidence all around you.


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