Birdoswald Roman Fort

Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7DD

Telephone: 016977 47602

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Discover one of the most awe-inspiring views in the north of England. Birdoswald Roman Fort sits on the longest continuous stretch of Hadrian's Wall which still remains today.

Stand on the same ground as Roman soldiers who once patrolled and guarded their empire. And be blown away by the most famous Roman frontier spanning as far as the eye can see before you. This incredible feat of Roman engineering has dominated the landscape since AD 122

Explore the most impressive remaining defences of any fort along the Wall today. Follow the perimeter of the fort walls to find gates and watch towers, and be sure to stop off at the main east gate, which is the best preserved fort gate on Hadrian's Wall.

For over 300 years, Birdoswald was one of 16 forts built as part of the Hadrian's Wall frontier system. But the site has been occupied since and there's a further 1000 years of history just waiting to be uncovered too. Discover the remains of a Dark Age hall, a medieval tower house and stories of the infamous border 'reivers'.

Look no further than the cliff edge to get a taste of the fort's surroundings. The vista over the Irthing valley will take your breath away. Once you've seen the view you won't be able to resist venturing out into the countryside beyond the Birdoswald - rugged and unchanged for centuries.


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