Ecodyfi Appoints Greentraveller to promote Glyndŵr's Way

20th March 2015

Ecodyfi has appointed the sustainable tourism media agency Greentraveller to promote Glyndŵr's Way.

Events along the trail in 2015

  • The 600th anniversary of Owain Glyndŵr's presumed death (rebel leader, national hero and self-appointed Prince of Wales at the beginning of the fifteenth century) who won significant battles close to the route. Owain Glyndŵr's day is 16 September
  • Machynlleth Comedy Festival: 1-3 May 2015
  • El Sueno Existe - Latin American Festival: 31 July – 2 August 2015
  • National Eisteddfod of Wales, Meifod: 1 – 8 August 2015

About Glyndŵr’s Way: Glyndŵr’s Way carves a beautiful and remote 135 mile loop through the open moorland, rolling farmland and forests of mid-Wales. Starting at Knighton on the English/Welsh border, the path passes west across the mid-Wales hills to Machynlleth and carves a trail back to finish in Welshpool. The complete trail is a 9-10 day long distance walk, but can be enjoyed as a series of day walks for day/weekend visitors.

About Owain Glyndŵr: In September 1400, Owain Glyndŵr embarked on a course of action that would become one of the most extraordinary episodes in Welsh history. A longstanding argument with a neighbour over some common land took a surprising turn when, after being proclaimed Prince of Wales by his followers, Glyndŵr began a revolt that would turn into all out war with the English crown. Despite some astounding early victories, Glyndŵr’s rebellion ultimately failed, destroying his reputation but ensuring his place in Welsh history.

More information:
Gemma Wirz-Chapman
Greentraveller Media Agency
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Tel: 07769 862 146

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Glyndŵr's Way National Trail - Photo: Richard Hammond/Greentraveller PR
Glyndŵr's Way National Trail - Photo: Richard Hammond/Greentraveller PR