In development! The Glyndŵr’s Way Warden scheme.

15th March 2017

Do you live on or near Glyndŵr’s Way? Or perhaps you regularly visit Glyndŵr’s Way for a walk or a ride?

Then maybe you would be interested in our new Trail Wardens scheme.

In 2017 we are hoping to develop a network of volunteers who regularly survey a specific part of the Trail and carry out small maintenance jobs.

This is how it would work:

You choose which section of the Trail you would like to look after.

Contact the Trail Officer to have a chat about it.

If you still like the idea you'll receive some training and tools so you can work safely out there.

Survey your section of Trail (with a companion for safety) four times a year carrying out small maintenance jobs such as gate adjustments or clearing of vegetation around waymark posts.

Let the Trail Officer know if there are larger jobs that need attending to.

That’s it!

If you like the idea call Helen on 01597 827562 for a chat.


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