Changes to the Trail

20th August 2013

If you have been walking on the north side of Glyndŵr’s Way recently you may have seen some rather official (and maybe not very comprehensible) notices accompanied by maps. These are probably Glyndŵr’s Way Public Path Order notices. The grand name simply means that they are notifications of an intention to change the route of the footpath or bridleway that the Trail follows.

There are lots of reasons why we sometimes need to permanently change the route. It might be to take it out of a busy working farmyard or because some of the route has fallen away in a landslip. Sometimes we are just ensuring that the route of the Trail follows a legal footpath or bridleway and that the public use of it is ensured for ever – did you realise that some sections of Glyndŵr’s Way are permissive only?

These changes are made in the best interest of the National Trail and very often help farmers manage their land better too. They take a long time but are always worth it in the end.

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