Understanding the England Coast Path

The England Coast Path is a new walking route that will follow the entire coast of England.

That’s pretty exciting - it’s going to be the longest waymarked coastal path in the world. It will be around 2,795 miles long when it is complete.

The England Coast Path is much more than just a path though. It has been created under new legislation. It allows access to the coast including the cliff tops and the beach. Everything to the seaward side of the path is designated as Coastal Margin. This gives you the right to walk off the path. You can see where this land is – it is shaded pink on the 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps.

There are places that you can’t go, this is called ‘excepted land’. This includes buildings and the land immediately around them, gardens and land where crops are growing.

In places there may also be restrictions on where you can go and what you can do. It is important that you obey any signs you see.

Scenes from the England Coast Path